Producers all over are going All In.

Advanced monitoring technology empowers producers to simplify tasks, increase herd health and improve reproduction rates. All while Allflex’s unmatched training and counsel provide support from install and beyond. And producers are eager to share their experience.

Check out the many stories below and discover what’s possible when you go All In on Allflex.

All In on Allflex

Simplify tasks and focus on the cows that need your attention, allowing you to either reduce or reallocate labor resources.

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Find cows in heat naturally and inseminate at the best time for greater reproduction efficiency that leads to more milk in the tank and less dependence on synchronization programs.

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Consistently identify sick cows sooner to improve fresh cow health and better monitor cows throughout the transition period, effectively targeting cows that need treatment and reducing medical bills.

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Our daily reports are easy to use, and by knowing exactly which animals need attention, you can let the rest of your cows just be cows, objectively knowing that your operation is running at optimal performance.

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Cow location reimagined.

Allflex sorting gates bring the cows that need attention to you. They are precise in high-flow scenarios — with up to 99% accuracy — so cows spend less time in headlocks and more time relaxing.

FLEX V2 Ear Tags allow producers to locate animals that need attention at a glance with the new multi-function LED light, minimizing disruption and improving reproductive efficiency and herd health.

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Over one million cows monitored.

Thousands of producers across North America have gone All In on Allflex and the huge community is easy to explain. Connected behavior monitoring tags, smart sorting gates and milking points simplify daily tasks, improve animal health and increase profits. Producers are thrilled, and success spreads fast. Want to see how advanced monitoring technology can optimize the way you work? Submit your info below and start a conversation today.

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